Frames Quality

The quality of every traded frame is our top priority. This means that every pair traded and sent to you will arrive in the best condition.

What quality frames can I send in?

Frames have to be of trade-able quality. This means no broken parts, no damages, no missing parts, no heavy scratches, no counterfeits, and not older than 5 years old.

Frames sent in should not be less than $60 in value. For this reason, we do not accept low-quality frames (i.e. gas station frames, reading glasses, disposable frames). Please make sure that the original purchase price of your frames are $60 or more.

Any counterfeit goods will be retained and reported to legal authorities under luxury designer laws. We have to keep these strict guidelines to assure quality insurance and fair trading to our customers.

How do you do quality control on frames?

All frames sent in to be traded undergo a strict point inspection for the highest quality control. We fix any minor touchup blemishes with plastic buffers, so your frames arrive looking as new as possible. We also clean each pair with top-of-the-line lens cleaning solutions and reverse osmosis water systems. The automated cleaning process is guaranteed not to harm your frames, has no chemicals and no heat, cleans all areas, and has a UV filtration process that kills 99.9% of all bacteria. Every traded frame arrives to you looking like new.

What if I send in bad quality frames?

If you send in frames that are not of trade-able quality, then we will refund you and ship them back (customer is responsible for return shipping fee). All counterfeit items sent in will be reported to legal authorities. Call our customer service if you are questioning about whether your frames are trade-able. We will offer you a quick verification.

What are the conditions of frames?

Here are our appraising quality standards:

  • NEW (frames are brand new and never worn)
  • EXCELLENT (frames are in like-new condition and barely worn)
  • VERY GOOD (frames are in top condition and minimally worn)
  • GOOD (frames are in good condition and have average wear)


    Frames are appraised and placed in 4 Levels:

    • BRONZE LEVEL (lowest level)
    • SILVER LEVEL  (next level up)
    • GOLD LEVEL (next level up)
    • PLATINUM LEVEL (highest level)

    Having Levels means that you no longer have to compromise with price. You can just get the frames that you really want! That's the great thing about trading.



    We have professional authenticators and appraisers that will determine the proper Level category for your frames. For example, if you traded in a Level Bronze pair of frames, then you can trade for any other Level Bronze frames (glasses for glasses and sunglasses for sunglasses).


    Trading Package

    You must enter your information on each product page regarding what frames you are trading in. Please verify that your frames are in the correct Level for what frames you want to get. After you complete an order, we will ship a trading package to you to mail back your frames (with prepaid mailing label and instructions).

    Once we receive your frames, we appraise and authenticate them for verification. If they match the correct Level and information inputted, then we ship the frames that you picked out.


    Delivery and Shipping Time

    • Customers will receive frames in 5 - 7 business days, depending on shipping options (regular, expedited, overnight).

    For all customers with prescription lens needs, we suggest that you have a pair of extra frames or contacts on hand while you wait for your traded frames. Lens fulfillment usually takes 2 weeks by partnered optical centers.

    If you have an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, then we suggest that you use them during your lens fulfillment period. We will also offer a Buy option soon, so you can buy a pair to start trading with.


    Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any issues with your frames, then we will do our best to help you. Here are some options:

    What if I don't like the frames I traded once I receive them?

    We will offer you a one-time complimentary trade or full refund if you are not satisfied with your frames upon receiving them. After receiving your frames, you will have 5 days to contact us for a one-time complimentary trade or refund. Please return frames in original packaging with our prepaid mailing label.

    Please check that you are satisfied with your selected frames before adding lens options. We cannot offer the complimentary trade or refund once lenses are fitted.

    What if I regret trading in my frames and want my original frames back?

    No problem! We hold every pair of traded frames for a period of time from your purchase until the return date expiration. This way, if you wish for a refund, you will receive your original frames back as well.